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To use and view the Zone Atlas pages follow these steps:

  • On the right side of the application, scroll down and click on the text 'Admin Boundaries' to open up the folder. Scroll down to the 'MapIndex' layer, click on the box to make it visible and click on the text 'Mapindex' to make it active (text will turn blue), then click on the 'Refresh Map' button. The main map will refresh displaying the MapIndex Grid
  • On the Left side of the application, in the tools icons. Click on the 'Hyperlink' tool or the 'Lightning Bolt' icon (you should see at the bottom left of the browser window the 'Current Tool: Hyperlink').
  • You are now ready to display the .tif files, click on the center of a desired MapIndex page on the Grid (this may take a couple of try's depending on your resolution and connection).

A new window should pop up using your default image viewer displaying the MapIndex page. We recommend using Microsoft Imaging for Windows which will allow you to use any of the functions in the reader such as the zoom, pan, scale, and print.

If you have trouble clicking on a particular MapIndex page, try using the 'Search' button in tools menu (the 'flashlight' icon) to key-in a particular MapIndex page. This function will zoom you in closer to the MapIndex page and you can either click on the 'Hyperlink' tool or click on the field 'ZONEATLAS' in the attribute display window at the bottom center of the display.

NOTE - The Zone Atlas is for information purposes only and published in this form solely for the convenience of the user. thus, the maps should not be used for exact measurements or legal descriptions of property. 

Legal descriptions must be obtained from the records of the County Clerk.