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GIS Data List

Data List

Attached is a list of GIS data available for download from the Bernalillo County FTP site.  Downloadable data includes GIS data in ESRI Shapefile

format, aerial photography in MrSID format, and zone atlas pages in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  This list does not represent a complete list of all GIS

data sets available by the GIS Program, but is representative of the data sets that are most often requested and that are used in Bernalillo County

Internet Map Services.  The list is sorted by the Location field.


Columns in the Data List




Name of data

Federal Geographic

Data Committee (FGDC)


Links to FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee) standard metadata and a view graphic for key data sets, if they are available:

View FGDC Metadata.

View Image.


Location of data on


Data format:

Folder                      Folder that contains a collection of files, usually Pdf, MrSID, or Zip files

Grid                         ESRI Grid

Shapefile                 ESRI Shapefile

Zip                           Windows WinZip File


Type of GIS feature:





Brief description of the data that records what it is, who provided it, how it is being created or maintained, how it is used, etc.

Spatial Reference

Spatial reference of the GIS data set

Data Credit

A list of all the organizations and/or individuals responsible for data creation.

Last Update

Date that the data set was last modified:

YYYY                     Data is current to this year.

MM/DD/YYYY         Data is current to this date.

Current Month         Data is current to the beginning of each month.

Planned Update

The planned update schedule for the data set:

Exported monthly.

No further updates.

Updated annually.

Updated as needed.

Updated monthly.

Updated semi-annually.

Updated upon request.

Post Date

Date for when the data was copied to its current location on \bernco\data:

MM/DD/YYYY         Data was posted on this date.

Current Month         Data is reposted at the beginning of each month.


Disclaimer for GIS Data

This information is for reference only. Bernalillo County assumes no liability for errors associated with the use of these data.  Users are solely

responsible for confirming data accuracy when necessary.  Source data is from Bernalillo County and the City of Albuquerque.


Link to GIS Data List