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1999 Surface Models & Contours



The surface models and contours are too large to post online.  Please use the tile index provided below to determine

which tiles cover your project area.  Contact GIS Program/Bernalillo County Public Works Division ( to

request the data for these tiles.


The surface models are available in ESRI Grid format.  The contours are available in ESRI Shapefile format.


Data Preview

Preview surface models  (Tile M19):  Map

Preview contours            (Tile M19):  Map



Area 1 Bald Earth DTM

Area 1 Contour

Area 2 Bald Earth DTM

Area 2 Contour

Area 3 Bald Earth DTM

Area 3 Contour

Area 4 Bald Earth DTM

Area 4 Contour

Area 5 Bald Earth DTM

Area 5 Contour

Area 6 Bald Earth DTM

Area 6 Contour

Area 7 Bald Earth DTM

Area 7 Contour


Collection Areas

Preview the collection areas:       Map

Download the collection areas:    Zip File


Tile Index

Preview the tile index:                Map

Download the tile index:             Zip File


2004 Update Areas

In 2004 some of the tiles were updated by Mid-Region-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG).

Preview the update areas:          Map

Download the update areas:       Zip File